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How do register to volunteer on Monday Nights?

Monday Night Hospitality uses an online system call MNH SignUp.com to coordinate volunteering for the hall service, greeting staff and rotating dishwashing staff.  We have set up this process to make the volunteer process as simple as possible and avoid ever having a volunteer show up when every spot is already filled.  The process is simple and we ask that contact either George Collins or Nancy Yates or go to the SIGNUP  form to get the process started.  A short interview will get you recommended for an assignment and shortly thereafter our manager of volunteer services will send you a link to MNH SignUp and you may schedule to volunteer whenever the spirit moves you.  Monday Night Hospitality dates are available into the future and we purposely limit the number of future weeks shown so that everyone gets a chance to serve.  If you are already registered but have questions or a problem please email Nancy Yates.

What can I expect during the service?

Our guests come to us for many different reasons - the nutritious meal, to be served and feel special, for the social contacts, to help overcome feelings of loneliness, for real need as their circumstances are dire, to see a social worker to get help with housing or a medical condition.  We don’t ask why people join us but simply welcome them.   Your assignment, whether serving guests, greeting them at the door or assisting in the kitchen clean-up is equally vital to our ability to serve 400 to 450 guests a night.  We respect your wishes as much as possible as to the assignment you will be assigned.  You will always work with other volunteers and be directed by one of our Red Apron (row captains and area supervisors).  Our Red Apron staff are volunteers who have served for many years and have agreed to coordinate the evening’s activities to make the meal service as pleasant as possible for our guests and as meaningful as possible for our volunteers.   We promise that you will feel better after volunteering and that the experience will rewarding.  Your coats and personal possessions will be kept in a secure area with a staff member providing coat checks.  Security is provided by a retired New York City Police Officer and our management team is always on the floor.

One word describes best what to expect – Joy.  For more about the Volunteering specifically please visit the VOLUNTEER PAGE and be sure to read through the ORIENTATION guidelines before starting your first service.

Is there a minimum age that someone can volunteer? Can I bring my children?

We have established a policy of limiting service at Monday Night Hospitality to adults (college students serving with fellow students automatically qualify as adults) as defined by age 18 or older.  Children are encouraged to help with their parents from 4 to 5:30 in the hall set up. Contact Hanne Favelukes in order to join us at that time.  Exceptions are made during the holiday meals for whole families of regular volunteers to join us in a joyous evening of recognizing the common humanity of all.  High school students can also join us in the kitchen. Contact Kathleen Taylor.  Confirmation of service documents are provided upon request – for school, employment or any other requirement.

Do you offer any other ways of helping out MNH?

There are just about as many ways one can assist us as one can imagine.  One can get one’s company to set up a matching gift program (we already have Goldman Sachs, US Bank, etc.) and solicit gifts.  Many have their children’s schools make donations.  The Town School students and parents every year makes and delivers 400 sandwiches in ziplock bags with all the condiments that one could want.  This year the Nightingale Bradford School’s Gospel choir will perform for guests on Martin Luther King Day and students will bake desserts in our kitchen in the morning. We encourage volunteers to find corporate sponsors to help raise yearly fund goals, donate their company’s time one Monday evening or even donate food, discounts on groceries or kitchen supplies. Please see our DONOR PAGE for more information and how your company can get involved.

Can you bring a friend or family member?

We love all the friends and family members that you have, but first send Nancy Yates an email to have each person be be sent a link to MNH Signup.com. They can signup for multiple duties that suit their capabilities and any experience they have! The experience can even be more rewarding when shared with friends or co-workers.  Where possible we will assign you to work together.  Frequently (with permission) pictures appear on Instagram or in our newsletter along with stories of families and work groups that join us.


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, casual clothes and shoes that you can move around quickly in. Occasionally there are spills in the kitchen and we don't want anyone slipping. If your hair is longer than your shoulders, we please ask that you pull it back. Aprons, hats and disposable gloves will be provided for you. Many of our volunteers come directly from work and that is OK.  We provide aprons to cover one’s clothing and all of your possessions will be safe in our coat check room.  Please remember to stay hydrated all evening and water is always available in the kitchen and many nights in the coat check room.

Is there a place to keep my belongings during service?

We have a fully staffed coat check during service, in which you can safely store all your belongings. There will be someone on hand to keep an eye on all personal items during the entire service. Smiles are always welcome! The key to the disabled bathroom is kept with the coat check staff member so that you will have access to a secure facility and be able to return to the hall quickly.  Please remember to wash hands and change gloves if you use these facilities.

Do you have a special holiday service?

We have five special holiday services, 4th of July, Martin Luther King Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. We always need more people on these special service evenings, and will send out a newsletter (don't forget to signup for this) prior to these days to get people confirmed a few weeks prior to service. Please understand that we do get an abundance of new volunteer requests during these times and can only allow a maximum amount of volunteers in the dining hall. Signups will once again be through MNH SignUp.com, but don't fret if you don't snag a spot. We have plenty of other regular Monday Evening services when you could join us!

Are Volunteers Offered a Meal?

We wish that we could provide a meal for volunteers.  Given that our ovens can only accommodate 300 pieces of chicken, one can see that serving 400 or more guests is a challenge.  There is just not sufficient food to also serve our volunteers.  We do suggest if there is time having a light snack before joining us or bring a protein bar.  Staying hydrated is very important and many volunteers bring water containers.  Volunteers to go out together after the service and there is a wonderful Eli’s pub that serves great food and craft beer at the corner of 79th and 3rd Ave and a Pizza parlor just South of 79th St on the East side of Lexington Ave.  Also we cannot leave out Candle 79 on 79th St just East of Lexington Ave that provides us with such wonderful Vegan meals for our guests.  Their vegan meals are famous.  

Have more questions, check out our Volunteer Orientation Information page.