George Collins


George Collins is our Co-Chair and is a Deacon and the first two-term Past President of All Souls Church.  He has been leading the MNH serving effort for the past 19 years and rarely misses an evening.  George has also served as a Unitarian Universalist Association District Trustee and served on several UUA committees.  He is currently President of Research & Response, International, a New York based database analysis company.  He has served as CEO of the marketing arms of multinational insurance and financial services companies based in both Europe and North American.   George finds great satisfaction in the gifts of joy and love provided to our guests each week and has led the effort to recruit students from colleges to serve as part of the educational efforts of Monday Night Hospitality.  Manhattanville College acknowledged his efforts at a recent graduation (they are now in their 17 year of a relationship with our meal program).  George also leads the effort to secure grants and long term funding and serves as President of Outreach Information Services, our companion social services non-profit.  He is a frequent speaker on the need to provide comprehensive services to those in need and despair in our society.  He is a Marine Corps veteran and lives with his wife and daughter in New York. 



Kathleen Taylor


Kathleen Taylor is a Co-Chair of Monday Night Hospitality.  She is a practicing psychologist and an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University.  She is a Deacon of All Souls Church and has served as a Board Trustee.  Kathleen has been in the All Souls kitchen on Mondays for 19 years.  In addition to cooking she manages all the food procurement, both ordering and weekly shopping for fresh ingredients. She leads a team of dedicated volunteer cooks and helpers who prepare the kinds of meals served to family and friends.

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Nancy Ellis Yates


 Nancy has been serving at Monday Night Hospitality since 2005. As the program grew, she took on the roles of volunteer coordinator and corporate outreach. She also now sits on the board of OIS, the social work arm of MNH. Nancy is a creative executive in the advertising industry who has been a Creative Director in agencies from Mumbai to Sydney to London and back home in her native New York. She currently works for the FCB Health Network based in New York City. Nancy is an author of two novels and a children’s book. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and daughter. 


John Sheehan

Director of Social Work Services

John Sheehan, LMSW, has been the Director of Social Work Services for Monday Night Hospitality for the past 5 Years.  He has over 35 years’ experience in numerous settings including homeless agencies, mental health programs, HIV/AIDS services and drug treatment programs.  John held the position of Vice President of the Phoenix House Foundation prior to joining Monday Night Hospitality.  He has also performed extensive volunteer work with the MS Society and has been inducted into their Volunteer Hall of Fame.  John is also currently the Director of Outreach Ecumenical Services at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.  He is graduate of Adelphi University and a resident of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City.