9-8-2014 Update - 13 Years With Gus and More

Monday Night on Sept 8th needed all hands.  Three major mechanical systems that support our work are under repair - the vents on the roof that permit us to use our commercial stoves, the hall air conditioning unit  - which aids in the ventilation and the deep freezer that makes storing of food in advance of each week (especially soup) possible.

The meal of chicken salad, freshly prepared coleslaw and three-bean salad - all made in our kitchens without the use of our ovens was a huge success.  We did heat up soup that had been made on Sunday and stored in the freezer.  Guests loved the meal and each received fresh fruit (an orange or banana) and a small bag of chips.  Great meal and our thanks to the cooks and prep staff.  We served 288 guests and the hospitality team at the door served ice water, ice tea and ice coffee to the waiting guests - not just a wonderful welcoming gesture but essential for hydration.  Our social worker met with 14 guests and kept some on going referrals in play.  Out guests need our love, his encouragement and all of hopes for them to overcome the many obstacles in their paths to a better place. 

MNH - Gus - 2014.jpg


Most of all we had to say goodbye to Gus Young on the dishwasher.  After 13 years of service to Monday Night Hospitality he is going on to seeing with a choir that meets on Monday.  The kitchen staff celebrated his amazing work with a cake (pictured).  Gus we love you and hope to see you when ever you can join us.  A couple of years ago, Gus pitched the first throw at our Cyclones fund raiser in Coney Island! 

Next Week

Beginning September 15th, we will be working with a charity that provides free HIV and HEP testing for guests who would like it. They will be parked in a mobile unit out in front of All Souls'.

The staff working on our volunteer registration system continues to make progress and soon all will be able to register using their smart phones or the Internet.