DECEMBER NEWS 2018 A Month of Being Grateful.

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This is the time to be grateful to everyone that supports us by volunteering and donating. You will have our thanks forever. Forever is a long time but for our guests many nights without a meal or a place to sleep seems like forever before the next day comes. We exist because New York City needs to be kind and loving to all, and we need to be part of that effort – it makes us truly human and brings cause to our lives..

I need to ask you to give again or if you haven’t to consider a gift to us. We can’t contemplate turning anyone away from our meal program or denying them access to a social worker in 2019. We are one of the largest meal programs in New York City and as one of the few in the country that offers a restaurant style meal on china with flowers and most of all with volunteers serving each guest. How can we retreat from the hungry and lonely. Who would take our place…

Our work is far greater than helping with the food or housing insecure (terms that don’t really convey the fear and pain of the urban poor and homeless). With your help we will continue to make a difference in the lives of those that come to us. They are treasured and nurtured. We remember their names and try to bring them to a better place. No one should feel isolated or apart in our society and we do everything to create a Monday Night Community of guests and volunteers. 

Isolation breeds fear and that leads to bad outcomes. We stand for something different in our community. I know of no better place to be on a Monday but at here at home with Monday Night Hospitality. It has helped me feel better about my place in this world for over 19 years. 

From all of us we wish you the best of Holidays and a joyous, safe and fulfilling year ahead. May there be peace in the world and in your lives. We will be there helping others each week. Join us on a Monday and please make a donation so we can continue to serve over 22,000 meals in 2019.


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New Amsterdam Boys & Girls Choir

The New Amsterdam Boys & Girls Choir performed for us as part of our Holiday celebration. The picture could not be better – in that it shows the beauty of children giving their all to make others happy. What we can’t show is the smiles and joys on the faces of our guests. It was a truly great performance and a wonderful start of the Holiday season for us at Monday Night Hospitality. Thank you, Amy for making the arrangements, Neil Osborne for the logistic support and of course, James Backman for leading the Choir and providing such inspiring leadership. While giving to Monday Night Hospitality, a gift to the New Amsterdam Boys & Girls Choir would be equally welcome. If you would like to donate directly to them please go to their website or you may send us a check made out to them. Think of how much it meant to our guests and those children to share such joy. It is a memory that will last for many years.


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This week we passed an important milestone – we are $5,541 dollars past the 1/3 mark and we still have the Holidays to go. Please help us reach our goal – the next stepping stone is $100,000 and I know that if we all donate and donate again, we can do it. We want to never turn anyone away and continue to provide social workers and health screenings. We have over 2,539 volunteers and donors on our database and only 414 have given. If you haven’t please, add your gift now. THANK YOU!


JetBlue Team Joins in Serving Guests!

New York Dominican Officers Organization

Thirteen JetBlue Crewmembers – all in special JetBlue t-shirts – joined us for an exceptional night of service. It may have to with their corporate culture of caring, but whatever motivates JetBlue Crewmembers was evident in a wonderful dedication to making sure that each and every guest had the very best meal experience. No guest request went unanswered. Two regular red apron volunteers, Christie and Amy, led the JetBlue pack. Amy had arranged for the New Amsterdam Boys & Girls Choir to perform holiday music in our hall. It was spectacular and so appropriate for our guests, who loved to sing along. Christie took a break from her typical kitchen duty to spread the holiday cheer serving our guests with the rest of her team of coworkers. All in all, we are grateful in so many ways to our friends at JetBlue – this time of year especially for the round-trip tickets they donated for us to use as raffle prizes for donors and fundraisers in this year's MNH Holiday Fund Raising. To Donate on Christie Lind's page click JETBLUE

New York Dominican Officers Organization

We were honored to have officers from all of the agencies protecting us – New York City Corrections, the Port Authority Police, New York City Police, Federal Officers, Criminal Investigators joined us in serving meals to New York’s neediest. It was a wonderful demonstration of the dedication of these officers to the well being of their fellow citizens. Not only did they serve meals with great kindness, but extended themselves to make our guests feel respected and loved. This is a clear demonstration of the desire of our Officers to serve all citizens and we thank them for their evening of service.